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The Java anagram applet is no longer available. However you can download a native version for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

Your web browser doesn't seem to support Java. You could try installing Java runtime support. Alternatively you can click here for the native Windows version.

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Version With Much Larger English Word List

I've been contacted by several people telling me my anagram generator doesn't work as it hasn't found the right anagram they needed. Well that's because it can only find an anagram if it's contained in its word list! Click here for an anagram generator which uses a much, much larger English word list.

Native Windows C++ Version

If you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system you may wish to try out the Windows C++ version of my anagram generator. Click here to get it.

Version Française(French Version)

Cliquetez ici pour une version de cet applet qui produit des anagrammes en Français.
(Click here for a version of this applet that generates anagrams in French.)

Versión en Español (Spanish Version):

Activa aquí para una versión de este applet que genera anagramas en español.
(Click here for a version of this applet that generates anagrams in Spanish.)



Back in 1995, I wrote some simple software to generate anagrams on an Apple Macintosh. It was a rather naive implementation and was written as a simple character based console application. I always meant to change the data structures it used to make it go faster and add a nicer interface, but somehow I never got round to it.

Well finally, as of October 1997, I've got round to updating the thing. Instead using the programming language C, I have used Java and hence the Java applet you can see at the top of this page. All I can say is that Java definitely makes programming easier with its automatic garbage collection. After almost 3 years of doing it myself in C, it's a nice change!

Top JARS 25% Review I submitted this applet to the Java Applet Rating Service (JARS) and it was given a rating of 825 out of a possible 1000. A pleasing result for my first ever applet!

Some Interesting Anagrams

Michael Jackson ---> Manacle his jock.
Chain male's jock.
William Clinton ---> I'm it, an ill clown.
President Clinton Of The USA ---> To copulate he finds interns.

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