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Back in 1995, I distributed some simple Apple Macintosh software to help solve partially completed crosswords. This software made use of a English dictionary. In some feedback from a user, I was asked how a dictionary or word list could be constructed by fishing for new words in text files such as dissertations, articles etc.

This led me to produce the Apple Macintosh version of Dictionary Genesis in 1996 - a tool that will allow alphabetically sorted word lists to be either created from scratch or to have new words added to them in such a way that the output will have no duplicated words. In addition this tool can also be used to find out what words are contained in one text file but not another.

From memory, I guess the bulk of Dictionary Genesis was written in a single weekend so don't expect too much of it. It was written mainly because someone asked me how such a thing could be written and also because it's of some use to me.

Given that I now have a Windows 95 PC, I have converted both the crossword search and dictionary creation tools to run on Windows95/NT as console applications. You can download either the Windows or Macintosh versions from the bottom of this web page.

Dictionary Genesis Usage

Sample Uses For Dictionary Genesis

  1. Make an alphabetically sorted word list/dictionary without duplications from scratch from either one or two text only files such as letters, dissertations, articles etc.
  2. Add words to a pre-exisiting word list from either another word list or any text only file containing words in the form of sentences.
  3. Find out what words are contained in one text file, but not another. This can be used to find out what words are in one word list, but not another.
  4. Strip out any duplications and alphabetically sort a pre-existing word list.

Crossword & Wild-Card Search Usage

Download The Software

Now for the standard disclaimer. This software comes with absolutely no warranty and I am not responsible for any damage it may cause.

This software may not be used for commercial purposes without authorisation from the author.

Don't forget this software only works with text only files, so no unconverted Word documents!

* Click on to download the Windows95/NT version of Dictionary Genesis. This will help you construct alphabetically sorted word lists without duplications. Download size is 46 Kb.

* Click on to download the Windows95/NT crossword and wild-card search tool. This will help you solve partially completed crosswords and comes with a large English dictionary. Download size is 333 Kb.

* Click on dictionary-search-12-sit.hqx  to download the Macintosh version of Dictionary Genesis. The Macintosh version also comes with a large English dictionary and a crossword search tool. Download size is 565 Kb.

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