French Anagram Generator Choice Page

Thanks to Stéphane Barbery for providing French translations of the English text used by my anagram applet, the French word lists and the idea to produce a French version in the first place.

The French word lists used are accentless. Any user entered phrases to be anagrammed that contain accent characters will have them converted to the nearest non-accent character i.e. é ---> e.

You have a choice of loading the anagram generator from either my or Stéphane's web page. Both applets are the same, although Stéphane has presented the applet in a more attractive manner.

From Stéphane's Web Page

Click here for the anagram generator.


From My Home Page

Here you can choose between a French anagram generator with either a large or small list of French words. The large list of words may take over a minute to be loaded by the anagram generator, so only choose this if you are prepared to wait or have a fast internet connection. However a large word list will result in more anagrams being generated.

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