Martin's Photos Of London

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These photos were taken on 5th March 2000 with a Kodak DC290 digital camera whilst going round the London Eye (Millenium Wheel), except of course for the one of the Eye itself! All the photos were scaled down by at least a factor of two, except for the one of the Houses of Parliament which although truncated still is at very high resolution. See if you can spot Nelson's Column in View 2.

London Eye 57K

Houses Of Parliament (Must see!) 330K

View 1 132K

View 2 162K

View 3 121K

These photos were taken with a Kodak DC50 digital camera.

They were taken between 31st March and 10th May 1997 in either late afternoon or early evening.

When you are through with these photos, click here to see some taken in Chiswick Park, including one of a nice sphinx statue.

Statue of Eros 98K

Nelson's Column 42K

Big Ben 68K

Buckingham Palace 63K

Quadringa Surmounting 48K

Tower of London 49K

Tower Bridge 53K

St Paul's Cathedral 81K

Admiralty Arch 52K

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