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Contact Information:
Please use the email address of martin underscore mamo at hotmail dot com to contact me.

C/C++, Java and Swing.

As one my Java applets has been rated in the top 25% by JARS, it looks like I'm an Apprentice JARS Developer. Click here to have a look.

JAVAHOLICS Apprentice JARS Developer

I have a Master's degree in Natural Science and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science from Magdalene College, University of Cambridge.

For the Computer Science course, I had to write a dissertation based on a programming project, which was to write a computer program in C to translate occam2 source code into Modula-3. If you are interested in how compilers work, Modula-3, occam or threads then click here to see a HTML translation of it (download size is 155Kb). Definitely a useful course, which introduced me to the delights of C programming and the Internet.

Programming Work:
From 2001 to 2002, I worked as a software developer for in Seattle.

I started off in the customer service applications group. After a few months I moved to the group responsible for the order-summary page, shopping cart and customer sign-in parts of the website.

If you are an ex-Amazon employee click here for the Yahoo group and message board specially for us.

Teenage Stabs At Programming:

I first started programming in 1985 on the ZX Spectrum using BASIC and Z80 assembly to produce some amateur quality games. One called Cosmos was distributed by Micronet 800 in 1986. I then moved on to the Sinclair QL. For all those who like a blast from the past, I have included two screen shots below from games I wrote for the Sinclair QL in 1989/90.

Two Sinclair QL screenshots

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