Martin's San Francisco Photos

I took these photographs between 29 April and 4 May 2004 while in San Francisco for a vacation. I used a Canon IXUS 500 digital camera. All images were later resized to a lower resolution.

Unlike my other web pages, this one was created by Adobe Photoshop Elements followed by minor hand-editing.

Alcatraz Island a Alcatraz Island b Alcatraz Island c Cable Car City Hall
Alcatraz Island a.jpg Alcatraz Island b.jpg Alcatraz Island c.jpg Cable Car.jpg City Hall.jpg
Coit Tower Coit Tower View a Coit Tower View b Golden Gate Bridge a Golden Gate Bridge b
Coit Tower.jpg Coit Tower View a.jpg Coit Tower View b.jpg Golden Gate Bridge a.jpg Golden Gate Bridge b.jpg
Golden Gate Bridge c Helicopter View a Helicopter View b Helicopter View c Japanese Gardens
Golden Gate Bridge c.jpg Helicopter View a.jpg Helicopter View b.jpg Helicopter View c.jpg Japanese Gardens.jpg
Lombard Steet a Lombard Street b Lombard Street c Lombard Street d Muir Woods
Lombard Steet a.jpg Lombard Street b.jpg Lombard Street c.jpg Lombard Street d.jpg Muir Woods.jpg
Seven Sisters Union Square      
Seven Sisters.jpg Union Square.jpg

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