Virtual Reality Modeling
Language Worlds

Whoa!  If you want to view the VRML worlds shown below you will need a VRML plug-in for your browser. The VRML worlds available here were tested using the Cosmo player plug-in with both Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Communicator 4.01a.

OK, now here are some VRML worlds I have assembled.


VRML 1.0 Worlds

Although this is VRML 1.0 and not 2.0, it uses the Level of Detail (LOD) node as a cheat to make the globe rotate as you approach it. This world should be a snip to download at around 40 Kbytes including the textures!

A simple cube with some cool texture maps taken from photos of a sphinx statue in Chiswick Park, London. With all the textures, this world is just over 70 Kbytes. Although the cube will appear immediately, the textures will take a while to download. So be patient! Click here to view four photos taken in Chiswick Park - you don't need a VRML plug-in for these.

A rather large world at over 333 Kbytes containing many things including trees and a simple house. This world is also available as a downloadable zip file, which includes the VRML world and the graphics it uses. Click on (106 Kb) to download. Then unzip all the files into the same directory and double-click on the world1.wrl file.

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